St. Petersburg Beauty girl Anastasia

Beauté russe / Galerie / St. Petersburg Beauty girl Anastasia
Anastasia 1556
Date de naissance 7 / mars / 1986
âge 33
taille 168 cm
poids 53 kg
les yeux verts
couleur des cheveux blond
statut marital divorce
enfants fille
complément d'information fille 2013
Niveau d'études universite
spécialité Juriste
profession professeur du sport
Ville Saint-Pétersbourg
langue anglais, francais
complément d'information english A2.1 french A1.2
Je fume non
permis de conduire oui
caractère active, polie, attentionnée, orienté famille, calme
hobby piscine, course, Vélos, Ski, cuisiner, Culture, Confort de l'habitat, confort à la maison
souhaits à l'égard de partenaire
âge 32 — 47
hauteur, de 167
Je fume non
complément d'information gai, leader, aimant les voyager, romantique, ayant le sens d’humour
I was born in St. Petersburg, and grew up in Russia. I have traveled a lot and realized that she would not want to live in Russia, I prefer Europe. I am absolutely in love with the azure coast, I feel better near the sea, I still love mountains very much, my life is closely connected with them and I think this love is mutual. I early lost my father and began to work, which brought me strong-willed qualities. I do real estate investment and skiing. Since childhood I ride, ending a career as a coach. My dream is to create a large family, start a dog and spend evenings with my beloved husband in our garden. I believe that I am lucky in all my endeavors, so I don’t lose hope to meet my future Man of my dreams.